The Swahili Coast

Relaxation is the mantra of the beaches in Tanzania. Savouring life swahili between white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs, palm trees and tropical forests accompanied by dolphins, turtles and goldfish. The whole history of a continent concentrated in these great waters. Relaxation!

Paradís tropical
Escape from the everyday and relax in one of the most authentic Tanzanian islands, Mafia. Become diving, walking, get carried away in this unique paradise, and if so calm is for you too, gives a ride to Kilwa, a World Heritage Site. Emerge as new! 6 days.

La força de les espècies
Zanzibar, the exotic island is known by all. Come with us and take you to explore the mangrove forest, plantations of spices and heavenly sunsets. Do not let them tell you! 6 days.

L’illa verda
Immerse yourself in the green island, Pemba, where mangroves, palms and trees of the species key will welcome a relaxing time off. Enjoy as a sultan! 4 days.

Away from the crowds
We take you to one of the private beaches of the south coast of Tanzania. If you really want to get away from the crowds and enjoy a great refreshing rest, this is the right choice. Dedicate yourself a few days, you deserve it! 4 days.

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