The North, the great find

Have you heard of the Serengeti? Surely if! There have been many travellers who have passed through Tanzania’s oldest park. And if you say that you can meet real Hadze and Datoga? And if you intend to dive in crystal waters Rubondo? Dare to discover new horizons. See you there!

Where time stands still

Live an unforgettable experience in one of the oldest parts of the Rift Valley, with two of the most authentic tribes of northern Tanzania. Ernest Hemingway was to be there, you miss it? 4 days.

Rest in Wonderland
If you’ve always felt attracted to visit Wonderland, do not hesitate, you found it. We bring you the island of Rubondo and Saa Nane a gift of nature in Lake Victoria. Enjoy the experience Just for only 10 Days.

Halfway to the sea
Discover these unique treasures of nature with a unique combination of beauty and unspoiled landscapes of the events at the edge of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. All at your disposition! 14 Days.

Map of migrations in the Serengeti National Park.


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