The South also exists

May be you have heard about Selous Game reserve,Yes. But someone told you it’s a great Game reserve, and also have you heard of Mikumi, which they say is very close to the big city of Dar es Salaam, and may be if you talk about The biggest park In East Afrika is Ruaha National park in heard the name, but then I thought, is a river. Do not believe everything they tell you. Enjoy it! Come and discover the best kept secret in the south of Tanzania. Experiences for adventurous souls with us Asante Afrika Tours and Safaris.

Southern Parks: Discover nature
We go to one of the original areas of Tanzania. Discover the Game reserve of Selous, The National park of mikumi National Park and Ruaha National Park fascinating on this trip of 11 days

The strength of Selous
If you only have a few days but would not miss it for the world to visit one of the areas of protection of wildlife over Tanzania, Selous is your destination. Enjoy it for 4 days.

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