The South Parks: discover nature

Day 1
Arriving to Dar es Salaam, where you will be warmly welcomed by Asante Afrika professionals. All ready to start your journey to hunt Selous National Reserve in a 4×4 vehicle fully equipped. Driving a powerful vehicle to the area where we will begin our private safari is an experience that cannot be compared with driving a vehicle for the comfortable and paved roads in Europe.
We arrive in Selous and started the first contact with the varied wildlife found in this area with a boat ride to the spectacular Rufiji River where we will see families of primates, crocodiles and a variety of birds. We come to the island where you can see hippos entire families of hippos. Accommodation in camping along the Rufiji River, the setting magnificent sunsets.

Day 2
Start the day with a good breakfast that gives us strength to face a morning walking safari in Selous.
In the afternoon 4×4 safari we will visit a wider area of ​​the reserve and see a wide variety of animals.

We come to the woods silver acacia, giraffes favourite food and contemplate the contrasts of light and colour that offers Selous.

Day 3
We get up early to take advantage of the cool morning and see the big cats in full swing, the hippos, the impala, baboons , the mongooses, the zebras, the warthog, and other animals that looked out to the roads conventional, following them in their natural habitat.
Afternoon cultural time in which a performance of traditional dances.

Day 4
Lunch and we drive to Mikumi National Park. The road Selous to Mikumi offers travellers amazing landscapes in which to enjoy the full palette of contrasts Tanzania offers from the most barren ground Ark mountains to Morogoro dyed forest green, black rocks and formations scattered tall palms. Dinner and accommodation in lodge.

Day 5
Day safari to Mikumi National Park, known as the Serengeti small for its vast plains dyed a variety of colours of yellow, and where we see the Lion King, Simba, and leopard, but there are some antelopes, giraffes and elephants, among a long list of animals.
We say goodbye to Mikumi to start our route to Udzungwa National Park, one of the big forests of Tanzania. Arrival time to rest and take a good dinner and a well-deserved rest in a Lodge.

Days 6 & 7
We spend two days in Kilombero Valley. We climb to the Udzungwa falls where, once arrived at the top, we’ll see spectacular views of the valley, but as we ascend, we will recognize a variety of medicinal plants, butterflies endemic to the area and vanishes into thin air the colobus, the primate with long mane and friendly face.
We also devote our time to take a canoe ride Kilombero River, where fishermen greeting area and see different species of birds. Back time of culture with a traditional dance by a group of dancers, members of the tribes in the area.
If you want to end the day with a smile we propose a view to a school or a household of boys who are in the Kilombero Valley. We are convinced that this visit will record comforting soul before returning to our accommodation to enjoy a very relaxing break.

Day 8
Continue the adventure especially to the city of Iringa,Visit the old stone age site 10 kilometres before iringa town. one of the main urban areas of the Southern Highlands and the gateway to the jewel in the crown Ruaha National Park. Stop to visit the city and take a relaxing lunch, then continue route to Ruaha, the park most authentic southern Tanzania. Night camping will hear the noises of the night Jars,Hippos, Hyenas the active nightlife in the park with talks between hippos, lions and large sliding yawning elephant….Over night stay in New Cottages or at our camp.

Day 9
Breakfast early in the morning and game drive to see and photograph the amazing wildlife of the Ruaha National Park. Our experienced guides will find the hiding place of the majestic king of the jungle will lead to large herds of elephants and leopards and searched tirelessly cheetah, very jealous of their privacy. Return to the camp and afternoon departure to enjoy rewarding experiences offered by this vast area of ​​the south. Over night stay at new Cottages or at our camp.
Day 10
Full game drive to enjoy the wide variety of wildlife that lives in Ruaha National park. Herds of elephants with their calves, buffaloes, the elegant antelope, giraffes and their tanagers’, wildebeest, ostriches and so shameful that surprise step after step. Devote the afternoon to rest and enjoy the spectacular sunsets offered by this natural gem is Ruaha.Over night stay at the new cottages or at Our Camp.

Day 11
Time for goodbye, prepare the luggage back to Dar es Salaam in plane or(option)at your choose to the next destination of the fantastic islands of Tanzania (Option) to Zanzibar, Pemba or Mafia.
Schedule Flights available direct From Ruaha National park to Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater and Kilimanjaro mountain daily.

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