Wild West

Do you remember Jane? Then there was! I was trapped by the magic of the most spectacular mountains of Tanzania, accompanied by her chimpanzees. Join us www.asanteAfrika tours and safaris the Western Tanzania parks safari Experts, opens your senses, steeped in nature and explores the virgin landscapes of the places to be discovered. Let’s come out the expeditionary daring are inside you!.

On the shores of Lake Tanganyika
Come prepared to enjoy the full experience of feelings, open your senses and absorbs everything you Gombe has prepared for you. Follow in the footsteps of Jane looking at infinity from the top. 6 days or more …

Remote and mysterious
“Dr. Livingstone, I guess”. If these places came to the tireless explorer who ended his life in this remote and mysterious place alongside the spirits of the mountain. Experience this magical experience. 6 days.

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