Feel the strength of Africa

Hello, I am writing from Africa.
I’m living in Tanzania, a country peaceful, respectful and with a welcoming people, but above all, a country full of natural treasures that go beyond the Maasai, Serengeti and Kilimanjaro tribe.
Tanzania has splendid natural parks in the South and West of the country. The Ruaha, the largest in Tanzania; of Mikumi, known as little Serengeti; the Udzungwa mountains, considered the African Galapagos; Gombe with its forest and primates; Mkomazi, the sanctuary of the black rhino; Saadani, the only park with beach; Tanganyika, the largest lake in the world… and a host of wonders hidden in the interior of the country could list you. But I want you are yourself who are immersed on a journey filled with emotions, let your senses flow and have every one of the details that Tanzania puts at your fingertips with relish.
I’m waiting for you in Tanzania to accompany you on a great adventure, which your choice, because each safari is personal, as each of the feelings and sensations are living traveling in Africa are more pure.
Karibu Tanzania. Welcome to Tanzania!

Pepa Pérez Sempere