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On safari, on arrival in Tanzania one of the first words that traveller’s school and learns quickly, is Asante, which means thank you. This was one of the reasons we started our way thanking this great continent that is Africa, so close and so unknown to many of us. A continent jealous of its naturals wonders with people close and friendly.

Will open the door to Tanzania with the intention that you can make this country a way that respects the environment and its inhabitants. Asante Afrika Tours and Safaris is a travel agency specializing in national parks and mountains of southern Tanzania, where you can discover diamonds in feel, though, the feelings they experienced early explorers seeking the exact spot where the first settlers lived alongside humans.

Enter www.asanteafrika.com where we offer our experience and hospitality and will make it easier to know, first hand, the best places in Tanzania. Dare, initiates www.asanteafrika.com your particular adventure discovering everything offered Tanzania, the cradle of humanity.

Been in contact with us via email infosafaris@asanteafrika.com and tell us how we can help you to arrange unforgettable safari in history of your life.

Let your dream come true. this is the right time for you to enjoy going on safari with us.the experienced safari team on the southern part of Tanzania once at a life time.

Karibu Tanzania! / Welcome to Tanzania!

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