Travel Advices

Before you travel:

Check that your passport is valid and that the renewal date is 6 months or more from the time you start the trip. If not, renew your passport before the holidays.


At the time of the baggage, make it easy. When you arrive by car will travel to Tanzania on safari and perhaps domestic flight planes. The maximum weight for this type of aircraft is 15 pounds and ATV space is scarce. Equip only necessary things: clothes, cotton shirts with long sleeves and short sleeves, some warm clothes for the nights cooler, pants and shorts, comfortable shoes for walking and waterproof sandals and some, depending the date of your trip. Do not forget to include insect repellent, suntan lotion, a small first aid kit, sunglasses, hat and binoculars.


Visit the health centre closest to your outdoor area of ​​residence and find out which vaccines need ( Currently, Tanzania is not mandatory vaccination against yellow fever, but is recommended as prophylaxis against malaria. Your doctor will advise you on the best prevention.

Think about your safety, it is advisable to have travel insurance that is included in any eventuality during your stay in the country.

Money and credit cards

The official currency is the Shillings Tanzania (TZS) can be obtained at any bank or exchange offices. You can use the card at ATMs and some Lodge and hotels, but better to use money in cash travellers cheque are not accepted at many places for payments. Banks are open until 15pm and Saturday until 11am.

Start your travel

Enter to the country will need a visa to be processed at the time of entry to Tanzania, costs $ 50. We recommend you bring $ 50 to pay for the visa, if you pay in euros, will not change back!


Once you are in Tanzania you will find a tropical climate on the coast, islands and Selous. In the rest of the country the weather is warm. The temperature ranges between 22 °C and 30 degrees, the hottest period is between October and mid-March. The season of heavy rain for the months of March, April and May, while in October and November you can find some that another storm.

Food & gastronomy

The food is varied. The menus can be organized on the road with chicken, beef, eggs, fish, vegetables, pasta and a variety of fruit and bread. Breakfasts cannot miss the Tanzania coffee or tea, and the hotels can enjoy western cuisine, but with the hint of food in Tanzania.


You will need to upload your video and camera and your phone. Plugs are the English, in some places it is possible to use European plugs but are advised to bring an adapter for greater security.

Under consideration

Also of interest to consider are the schedules. In Tanzania the activity starts at 6 am, when the day awake and loses strength at 6 pm, closing time also national parks. But the night continues.


Tips are optional. The staff will see you through your trip, guides, drivers, interpreters, waiters, cooks, cleaners and Park Rangers, … expect a tip at the end of their work. In hotels there is a box that puts the TIP, this is where customers deposit box tips that are shared among all staff.
We can only wish you an exciting stay in Tanzania, and remember, your only goal is to enjoy every minute of your trip. In order to enjoy your safari to the maximum please contact you will never regret.

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